Why Your Home Isn't Receiving Purchase Offers And What To Do About It

If you listed your home for sale last year and it is languishing on the market without any purchase offers, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many things you can do to get your house sold. When a home sits on the market for too long, there is always a reason. By finding the root cause of why you are not getting any offers, you can correct it and finally sell your home. 

Below is a list of the most common reasons homes don't sell and how to fix each one:

The Home's Price is Too High

One of the reasons many homes don't get purchase offers is because they are priced too high. The simple way to fix this issue is to ask your agent to do a current market analysis of your home by looking at other recent sales in your area. If your home is overpriced, then you must lower the price for it to sell.

The Home is Dirty or Has Offensive Odors

If your home is priced well, then it may not be selling for a reason that no one has yet to mention to you. For example, perhaps your home needs a deep cleaning or has offensive odors from cooking or pets. Since buyers are turned off by dirt and smells, deep cleaning your home and asking others to verify that it doesn't have an offensive odor will easily fix this issue and bring you purchase offers.

The Home Looks Worn Out and Lacking in Regular Maintenance

Potential buyers are nearly always turned off by a home that looks worn out or like it hasn't had any regular maintenance performed on it. If the obvious things haven't been maintained, then this often means that other things like plumbing, septic, and roofs haven't been properly maintained either. If your home has any of the issues listed below, then fixing them will increase your offers:

  • bare wood on the exterior of your home
  • peeling paint inside or outside
  • broken rain gutters
  • loose siding
  • an old water heater
  • old appliances in the kitchen

In addition to the above, overgrown landscape also makes your home look neglected. 

The Home's Listing Has Become Stale and Isn't Getting Any Attention from Local Realtors

Finally, if your home is priced correctly and has been cleaned and maintained but still isn't getting purchase offers, then its listing has become stale. Stale listings are often ignored by other realtors because they prefer to show their clients properties that are just coming onto the market. You can refresh your listing by taking your home off of the market and then putting it back on next month.

For more help making sure your home sells quickly, work with a real estate agent.