Tips For Getting Offers After Your Home Has Become Stale On The Market

If your home has been for sale for more than a couple of months without getting any purchase offers, then your listing is said to be "stale." A stale listing is one where the real estate agents skip over when showing clients homes. Instead of bringing their buyers to your home, they assume that since the listing is old that something is undesirable about your home and take buyers elsewhere.

To revive the sales listing and get your home sold, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Take Your Home Off of the MLS for a Few Weeks

Since your listing is stale and the real estate agents aren't showing it to their buyers, you need to ask your real estate agent to remove it from the multiple listing service (MLS). By taking off the listing for a few weeks and then relisting it, your home will come up as a new listing again and your agent can create some buzz around it.

Tip: Ensure that Your Home is Properly Priced for the Current Local Market

Before you put your home back onto the MLS as a fresh listing, you must first ensure that your home is properly priced for your current local market. If people who have viewed your home in the past remarked that it was priced too high, then you will need to drop your price on the new listing if you want your home to sell and your second listing not to go stale.

Tip: Deep Clean Your Home if Cleanliness is the Reason for the Lack of Purchase Offers

In order for buyers to choose your home over the others that are on the market, you need to ensure that your home is spotless and smells fresh. A clean and fresh-smelling home sends the message to potential buyers that your home is move in ready and they will not need to do a lot of cleaning and other undesirable tasks before they move their family into the home.

Tip: Make the Major Repair that is Preventing Purchase Offers from Coming In

Finally, if your home needs a major repair such as exterior painting, a new roof, or its deck replaced, then you should make every attempt to fix the defect before you relist your home. Most buyers can't afford to make major repairs in the year following their new home purchase. For this reason, you will have a much harder time selling a home that has a major defect. By fixing the problem area, you will have a much easier time selling your home and can ensure that your second listing doesn't go stale.