3 Creative Ways To Sell Your Home

In a saturated market, you might have to rely on your creativity to help sell your home. The usual marketing measures, such as hosting an open house, might not be enough. To help get you started on finding ways to sell your home, here are some creative methods that others have tried.  

Host a Party

Instead of holding an open house, you can turn up the notch and host a party instead. A normal open house is a relatively mundane affair with families marching in and out of your home. Many potential buyers leave without getting a real impression of your home. A party can change that.  

You can turn your open house into a party with catering, live entertainment, and games for the children. The more time the families spend in your home, the more time you have to sell them on buying your home. The best part of it is that you can throw a party for a reasonable amount.  

Offer a Reward

Your friends, family, and co-workers could be instrumental in helping to sell your home. Chances are, most of them have social networking accounts. You can take advantage of that and possibly find a buyer. Create a post on each social networking site about your home and ask everyone to share it. You can ask them to encourage others to share the post, too. 

To make the idea of sharing the post more appealing, offer a reward for the share that leads to a buyer for your home. You can decide on the reward, but cash is always one motivator that people have a hard time ignoring.  

Hold a Sleepover

Potential buyers that are on the fence often need a little push to make a commitment. You can provide that push in the form of a sleepover. You can offer serious buyers a chance to spend the night in the home. The buyers get a real impression of your home and neighborhood. At the same time, you give your home a chance to shine.  

If you do decide to offer a trial run, it is important that you take measures to protect your home. Talk to your real estate attorney about drafting a legal document that would require the buyer to pay for any damages he or she is responsible for.  

Your real estate agent can help you find other creative ways to get your home sold. He or she knows the market and can use that knowledge to find a creative method of bringing in buyers.