3 Things You Should Do To Get Your House Ready To Sell

Selling a house is never simple. There is a lot of work to get done before you can show it, and if you don't do it right, you risk losing money on the house, the house staying on the market for too long, and so forth. This is why it is important that you know how to present your house. Getting your house ready for the showing is one of the most important things you will do. Here are some things you need to do to make sure your house is ready to show.

1. Take Really Good Pictures

Before you even put your house up for sale you need to have a professional photographer come in and take pictures for you. Too many people just take pictures on their smart phone and call it good. This is very dangerous. If the lighting isn't right, if the rooms look too small, if there are things placed in the wrong place, it will deter people from even coming and looking at the house before you even list it. A real estate agent can help you know what angle to take the pictures from, and if you hire an agent, they will actually bring in their own photographer to take the pictures for you. This is one of the perks of hiring an agent.

2. Always Vacuum Before A Showing

It is very important that there are vacuum lines in the carpet whenever you show it. This may seem silly, but vacuum lines will give the idea that the house is clean, the carpet is in good condition and make the whole room feel fresh. Even if you showed the house earlier and were only in there for a short time before the next showing. Take out the vacuum and run it over the carpet again to give it very clean vacuum lines.

3. Clean Out The Cabinets and Closets

Lastly, make sure you clean out the cabinets and the closets so that they aren't all the way full. Having space in the closets will give the illusion that the house is bigger than it is and that there is plenty of space. If you have too much stuff in your house, no matter how big it is, the house will feel smaller. Thus, you should clear out things and make it look as though there is plenty of room and storage space. 

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