High-End Upgrades For Low-End Prices

Not everyone can afford to make big changes to their homes before placing them on the market, but the good news is that you can perform a surprising amount of upgrades on a budget. These little changes can mean a lot, and can help give your home that luxurious look that buyers crave. For some easy-to-do tips to make your home a drool-worthy piece of real estate, read on.

Highlight your windows

While you may look at windows one way, to block light and provide privacy, buyers like to see rooms filled with light. Light automatically makes rooms feel larger and more welcoming, so make sure that you are using these features wisely. If your windows have blinds, open them during showings and take pains with your window dressings. Hang draperies higher and wider than the actual window opening to optically raise your ceilings and widen your windows. Get some rods with decorative finials and allow your drapes to "puddle" slightly on the floor for a luxurious look.

Upgrade your woodwork details

Just because your home lacks some interesting architectural details doesn't mean you have to settle for dull rooms. Crown molding acts like a picture frame for rooms, and you can install it yourself in a weekend. It can be purchased in several colors, and you can paint it yourself to contrast with or accent the wall color. Chair rails are another easy piece of woodwork to add, and these look especially good in dining areas.

Focus on lighting

Check out the big-box home improvement stores for some fresh and modern lighting options to give your rooms an instant update. Chandeliers add an elegant touch in the foyer, bedrooms, and—surprise—the bathroom. Fixtures with lots of glass magnify the light, and make rooms look larger and happier.

Get out the paint

You may be shocked at what can now be painted, so check the paint aisle of your local store and get creative. You can forget investing thousands of dollars in new kitchen appliances; just paint them with a special type of appliance paint. This paint comes in every color of the rainbow, and yellow, bright blue, or candy-apple red is super hot right now. Love the look of stainless steel but hate the price? That paint option is available too.

Don't stop with appliances, though. Refinishing or replacing wood flooring is pricey, but porch paint is an easy fix and is sturdy enough to handle traffic. Consider using tape to create some patterns, such as checkerboard or stripes. Porch paint can be used over real wood or laminates.