Shopping For A Home? Stay Positive With These Feng Shui Elements

When looking to buy a home, you want to choose one with the best possible tone and feeling. Applying a few fung shui principles can help you find that perfect home by even metaphysical standards. How can you do so? Here are a few principles to follow. 

Avoid Ends. Terminations and cutoffs give off negative energy. In real estate terms, this translates to avoiding the end of a street with no exit, courts and cul-de-sacs with only one entrance and exit point, or the junction point of three streets (traditionally, a "T" shape). 

Avoid Closed Space. Ideally, you want a property that's not closed in by other homes and buildings.Your home should have some space around it to let energy flow unobstructed. If you have the choice, look for a property with a larger backyard than front yard for similar reasons. 

Have a Strong Entrance. Energy flow is key to Feng shui principles, and it begins with the front entrance to the home. Strong front doors allow energy to flow through the house but not drain away or escape it. What could cause that energy to be lost? A bathroom facing the door, for instance, drains away positive energy. A staircase moves good energy up or down too rapidly, moving it out of the home in a rush. And obstacles in front of the door could block it. 

Check out the Neighborhood. Does the area around your home have a good energy to it? Look at surrounding homes for signs of decay and negativity. Do people seem healthy and successful? Do animals and pets look healthy and happy? Has there been negative activity in the home or in the area? All of these can be indicators of a generally positive flow. 

Be Aware of Room Alignment. Feng shui principles have much to say about the layout of the rooms within the home. The most important rooms to give attention to are the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Master bedrooms should be cocooned away from the main energy flow, and they should not be located over a bathroom or kitchen. Kitchens, similarly, are not usually placed under a bathroom or near staircases. The energies just don't mix. If your house has some Feng shui issues, focus on these main rooms.

It's nearly impossible to buy a home with all the best Feng shui elements already in place. But if you can find one that has these basic elements of location and general layout, many other problems can be resolved with some creativity. The result will be a property you can love and one that will bring the best positive atmosphere for family and guests.